At FoodCo & More we are specialized in frozen fruit trade. We provide a wide variety of frozen fruit and take care of the import and export from all major European production sites. As an expert in wholesale fruit export and import, we only source the finest fruit. We offer a wide product portfolio.

We deliver our products and services to our importers in the following food sectors: industry, wholesale suppliers, food-service distributors, and retail.

We deliver our frozen strawberries, cherries, forest fruit and other fruit to multiple regions around the world. The quantity of our products can be ordered by importers and buyers that suit their business: from a single pallet by truck to a full container load (FCL) by ship. We are shipping to any port in the world.

Our Fruit products:
  • strawberry
  • blackcurrant
  • blueberry
  • raspberry
  • forest fruit
  • cherry
  • plum
  • kiwi
  • mixed fruit